Our core Ales


Sisters of mercy


A classic American Pale Ale bursting with grapefruit citrus flavour. Hopped with American Challenger and Cascade varieties for greater aroma and flavour. 4.5 % ABV


Screaming Dwarf


An American classic and as popular as momma’s apple pie. Premium American Golden brewers worts & subtle USA light caramel grains give a tasty deep. gold/pale amber ale with the sweet candy caramel notes being matched with two big USA hops Columbus & Cascade for a great full rich hop flavour with a citrus finish, making this the all American dream. A real USA hop lovers beer ideal for any occasion, made with all English hops.  4.5 % ABV 


Bearded Maniac

 A triple hopped pale, tart beer with mild fruity notes from muscat grape juice & simcoe hops.  4.5 % ABV 


Poison's Pleasure


If you can bear to wait before drinking and admire the beauty of this beer this great red ale has wonderful rich mahogany red hues from the exceptional grains that perfectly match the rich full bodied flavour that is balanced to perfection by just the right amount of hop bitterness with a great hop finish to leave the palate ready for more.  4.5 % ABV 


Red Moon


Our namesake beer is a strong, red ale based on the  Dakota red recipe with our UK twist. Red colour and rich malt flavours comes from the use of caramelised rye, which are balanced with the fruity overtones from 

‘Sorachi ace’ hops.  6.6 % ABV 


Squirrel's Nuts


This oat meal ale will leave you wanting more , With it's nutty undertones and light pallet followed by a hoppy taste,  it certainly is the squirrels nuts! 4.5 % ABV 


Back Yard BBQ

 Red Moons brewery's twist on  German smoke beer, with its stunning  BBQ in a glass flavour it is sure to get the taste buds flowing. Only the best premium malts, including delicious victory malt, spicy rye malt and a great chunk of cherry-wood smoked malt on top perfectly balanced with great hop flavour for a great and unique taste.  4.5 % ABV 


Wicked Witch Porter


This roasty toasty Porter has a burnt caramel flavour with undertones of orange. 

A drink you will never forget.  4.5 % ABV 



Daddy's Lil WARLORD

A true scotch heavy bitter with sweet under tones followed by a heavy bitter taste. full bodied and full of deep flavour. 7.7%ABV


Black Unicorn

We are still finalising the recipe, so watch this space!